(C) Symbol from http://www.copyrightauthority.com/Individuals who write music, poetry, prose, stories, research science and culture, design useful implements, and all the other creative activities need support to give them an incentive to undertake the effort to produce these works.

How does a society provide these incentives and support to encourage the development of culture?

Leonardo da Vinci and Michaelangelo were supported by wealthy patrons who funded their workshops and provided stipends for their living costs. This generates a relatively stable income, limited by the continued financial success of the benefactor and the willingness of the patron to continue the support. An unfortunate side effect of this relationship that the creator remains a vassal of the patron, subject to his whims. The relationship limits the creativity of the artist by overt or self censorship.

When a government or institution serves as the patron, instead of an individual or family, this variation simply makes the roles more formal. The a priori editing or interference with the creative process is still there.

Artists can also maintain their own studios and produce works for sale. Many artists utilize this mode by keeping a “day job”