(my Definintion)

1) An act to cause substantial pain to a person held in captivity.

2) An act that through pain or severe discomfort that terrorizes prisoner so as to fear imminent loss of life, body parts or permanent function.

3) An act described above proscribed by international agreements and accords.

Torture is Evil.

Torture is ineffective as an intelligence activity because an individual will say whatever the captor wants to hear, whatever will “make it stop”. What the captor wants to hear as often as not turns out not to be the truth. often is not the reality.
Torture will cause an individual to make false confessions, to implicate innocents, and fabricate plots or false history. This terrible for intelligence, as decisions are made on the preconcieved notions of the captor, and not the reality of the situation.
No civil society should employ or tolerate torture.


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